Anniek Hartingsveldt


behind the creative

My name is Anniek; I’m a Freelance Marketeer and owner of Fitly Media, a marketing agency that helps sustainable brands reach their business goals. I want to inspire people to make a change, think about our planet and its future. When sustainable options become more visible, they have the power to become the norm and not the exception. With my work, I help companies promote conscious consumerism. I believe sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship is the future, and I want to make sure consumers spend their money at companies that matter.

Offlimits means consciously taking down the walls and boundaries you and society have put up. Thinking in terms of I can vs. I can’t. Believing in yourself and knowing your worth. Life is a continuous journey of learning new things, no day is the same, and there is unlimited growth potential. Pippi Longstock (my childhood hero) says: “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that”. That’s something I try to remember and live by every day.