Our mission is to support the creative minds, give people the ability to express their creativity. Creativity flows through our brand by designing cloths that are exclusively made by and for creatives inspired by your creativity. Every person we work with has a creative side business. We want to give our designers as much freedom as possible when they’re designing for our brand. This way the creativeness will be reflected as much in our brand as in our clothing.

Why does Off Limits stand for the creative minds?

Painters, musicians, photographers, designers and actors, what is it that all of these above common?

These are all creative fields of work. When working in one of these fields being creative is one of the most if not the most important aspect of the job.

Sadly creativity often isn’t something that is stimulated. Look at schools, you are taught to listen to people instead of creating something of your own. In some cases your’e even punished for it. Being creative is expressing your feelings in some shape or form, not being able to express your feelings is a crime on its own.

Almost every education teaches you how to work in a certain way, not how to be creative or to cope with certain feelings. Of course it helps you to pass standardized tests if you memorize everything they teach you. But are the things you learn from these tests something you really need later? The answer in a lot of cases is no and the reason why is technology.

In these times we can use technology do a lot of our standardized work. We at Off|Limits believe that the most important thing we as humans can contribute to the world is our creativity. Because no matter how good the technology, creativity is still something uniquely human.

That’s why we at off limits Dare you to Create & Inspire



’What motivates me is inspiring people. As a photographer I had to endure many reactions to my ambitions such: ‘isn’t this just a hobby?’, ‘are you going to make enough money to support your needs?’. 

Lots of doubts from my peers were expressed. It made me insecure but i felt an inner fire to just go all-in and pursue my ambitions. Many rejections followed. Still I succeeded getting multiple bookings per week, within one year. 

Creativity isn’t about becoming successful. It’s about doing what you love and following your inner compass. We all know how unique every human is. Still many people try to copy someone else to fit in the system of our world. This indicates that more creative thinking is needed to be able to do your own thing. Break the system and create your own.

 Not everyone fits into the same system, some people want to cross the boundaries and it is my ambition to help these folks achieve their creative dreams.’’

The Future is Creative.

O F F | L I M I T S



’I am Niels Verheugd, a mechanical engineering student and a good friend of Quinn Broers. One day, Quinn called me about his idea to support creative thinking through the medium of clothing. As we noticed, we live in a world which is too focused on achievements, technological development and money. Through all these drowning expectancies, it is often hard to develop yourself on your own terms and show your true self to the world. This is something I had to experience the hard way. Hence, when the offer came from Quinn to support others with the same struggles, i didnt had to think twice, I knew that I had to take it.

Working on my true passion has been an amazing experience. The collective enthusiasm in this field has been truly inspiring and gives me nothing else but joy. Artists supporting each other to grow and stretch their horizons; That’s what I strive for.’