Quinn broers


behind the creative

’What motivates me is inspiring people. As a photographer I had to endure many reactions to my ambitions such: ‘isn’t this just a hobby?’, ‘are you going to make enough money to support your needs?’. Lots of doubts from my peers were expressed. It made me insecure but i felt an inner fire to just go all-in and pursue my ambitions. Many rejections followed. Still I succeeded getting multiple bookings per week, within one year. Innovation drives me, being able to integrate ideas into creative solutions. Creativity isn’t about becoming successful. It’s about doing what you love and following your inner compass. We all know how unique every human is. Still many people try to copy someone else to fit in the system of our world. This indicates that more creative thinking is needed to be able to do your own thing. Break the system and create your own. Not everyone fits into the same system, some people want to cross the boundaries and it is my ambition to help these folks achieve their creative dreams.’’

What does off limits mean to you? 

For me Off limits means (freedom/ expressing) ourselves, creativity knows no boundaries, the artist is within us as long as we seek something further than ourselves. Dont let anyone tell you different, try to differentiate